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Boxing Wraps UK Collection

Boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, sports successful in introducing a new era worldwide attracted thousands. Now, is it wise to practice sports without any protective measures? That is why Boxing wraps or gloves were manufactured in the area of wrestling.


It includes:

  • Protector Gloves wraps
  • Boxing hand wraps 255cm
  • Punching hand wraps
  • Weightlifting Wraps
  • Quick Wraps
  • Boxing Mitts
  • Boxing Hand Wrap Bandage 250 cm
  • High-Quality Boxing bandages hand wraps
  • Unisex Boxing gel bandage Easy Elastic hand wraps

Protector Boxing hand wraps Gloves

Renowned for providing the best shield; fabricated with nylon, including customized logos, design, and sizes. It comes in various colors at an affordable price of 3£.

Boxing hand wraps Gloves Standard 255cm

Gloves with a better grip made from artificial as well as genuine leather. Customized logos, designs, and sizes in all colors handy at a reasonable price of 7£.

Punching hand wraps

The elastic wraps made of high-quality cotton are lightweight, with a wide range of colors accessible. Customized designs, logos, and sizes with a neat custom style, the products stand for 12£ in the UK.

Weightlifting Wraps

This high-demand wrap is a combined product of polyester and cotton. Great colors, custom style, and customized sizes, logos, and designs ready for use. It finals at 9£ in the UK at our best prices.

Quick Boxing Hand Wraps Gloves

This cotton assembled product, stitched inside, is available in vast colors. Customized design, logo, and sizes are available—an option for custom style with a reasonable price of 8£ in the UK.

Boxing Mitts Manufacturing Cost

They have materialized with double layer foam and padding, encouraging an adequate and stable impact. Potential colors with customized design, logo, and sizes make up for 6£.

Boxing Hand Wrap Gloves Bandage 250 cm

It is made from cotton, the finest material for boxing. Available in all colors! You get to choose your design, size, and even logo!

High-Quality Boxing Bandages Gloves

The best quality of boxing bandages so far! Design, style, and logo can be customized to your desire!

Unisex Boxing Gel Bandage Gloves

As the name indicates, the best thing about this product is that it is unisex! It’s an elastic gel bandage made out of cotton. You can customize it in your favorite color!