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Top-Notch Boxing Guards Collection

The individual sports boxing guards can reduce the risk of bruising the balley, leg, chest, head, lips and cheeks, lacerations, soften the impact in contact sports and prevent concussion and jaw fractures.

The highest quality of boxing guard professionally made by a sports professional 

Although several types of boxing guards available in the UK market, European sports players recommend using only Eximfast boxing guards made by professionals. The custom-made mouthguard fits perfectly, which ensures the complete coverage of the gums and teeth, which means the most effective protection of the oral cavity organs from harmful effects.

Boxing Guards divided into three main types:

Semi-professional Boxing Guards: They are designed to provide oral protection where the risk of injury is minimal.

The professional boxing mouthguard is made of thermoplastic material. It consists of two layers. They are used by athletes of any level of training involved in contact and traumatic boxing. They can be made with imprints of the lower teeth, allowing for complete closure of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw.

Chest Guard with belly protectors are well designed made of quality material. The head guard is made according to the impressions of your head include mouth due to which it accurately repeats the shape and size of your face. This guarantees a perfect fit, perfect protection, and no breathing and speech problems.

Based on this requirement, your genuine leather head guard made using special boxing equipment. The choice of material, it’s fixing, and manufacturing methods directly affect the leather head guards’ protective effect and quality.

High-quality boxing safety protector and body protection equipment are available at reasonable prices in the UK. Guarantee! We make professional custom grain guards of any difficulty level!