Exim Fast deal in sports goods and kits for all types of sports. Cricket, football, basketball, badminton we have got it all. Our most popular categories include MMA attire and boxing sets and related tool kits. In addition to that, we also offer appropriate guidelines about the usage of the kits.
Where can I get custom-made jerseys?

At exam fast, you can get custom-made jerseys and all types of uniforms. You can turn in the whole design that requires to be made including the color choices and labels. Moreover, you can also have the already available jerseys customized with the names and numbers you want to display.

The sports kit of MMA is the whole package and includes everything you need to play that sport. You can also choose the things you want in the kit and the ones you want to leave out if you already have them. The standard kit includes helmet, gloves, hand wraps, rash guard, abdominal guard, and gel padding.

Yes, we provide uniforms and kits in bulk as well. If you are looking for the uniform to be made for the whole team, then we can help you with that. All the things as well as the kits can be customized according to the team name and sport.

PPE is a medicine-related term, when it comes to sports the term used is protective wear. It comprises a wide range of guards and pads that act as damage control and prevent the players from getting hurt. For example, head guards

Eximfast is quality assured and certified company for the trade of sports-related items. We collaborate and produce only quality goods. Our certifications include ISO 9001 and CE. This means our production line meets the internationally set standards of quality control and consistency.

Eximfast is one of the sister concern copmany of Paradise Group of Companies. Paradise company deals with the trade of other types of goods as well include cosmetic tools, food commodities, textiles, and linens as well as marketing, investment, and real estate service. Meanwhile, eximfast is purely for the sports goods.

To place the order you can visit the website directly select the item you want to buy and enter the shipment details. Another way you can do it is to reach out to us through the contact information given on the website and discuss what you’d like to buy.

Yes. At eximfast we also sell sports goods including rackets, bats, balls, and bags for nearly all sports. We offer a whole package of sports that covers all your needs. Quality of everything is ensured through defined certification.

Most of the production takes place in-house in our quality assured and controlled environment. In addition to that, we also have suppliers. All the goods we buy from them meet our international standards and are perfectly splendid.