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Boxing is an excellent sport for the development of determination, education of self-control, respect, firmness of character, and the habit of striving for improvement. Boxing is a broad discipline that allows you to direct your energy in the right direction, tone the body and improve endurance. Enjoy an unforgettable best experience with boxing mitts and give time to relax your mind and body. Punch mitts are made of elastic molded foam, which protects against punching & kicking during training. The polyurethane coating is very durable and will ensure a long service life of the mitts. The strong mesh fabric on the palm and thumb ensures air circulation during training.

Boxing Mitt Size To Choose

The boxing mitts’ size is according to your hand (the unit of measurement used for boxing mitts and pads worldwide). Boxers choose mitts based on their weight and type of boxing Equipment. The size of boxing mitts vs gloves corresponds to the weight and is measured in ounces (oz). The importance of adult models varies from 8 to 20 ounces (one ounce is approximately 28 g). When choosing a size, you should focus on your weight and level of physical fitness. For athletes weighing 50 – 60 kg, suitable gloves for 12 oz, 70 kg – 14 oz, etc. This issue should be considered separately for girls and women – they are appropriate accessories weighing 6 – 12 oz.


Make it a habit. Do not forget to use:

Inner Boxing Gloves that are easy to wear. They prevent abrasion and absorb moisture, which extends the life of mitts.


Boxing Bandages – a classic boxing accessory!

Mitts are designed to fix the joints (metacarpal bones and wrist) and drain moisture.

Varieties of boxing mitts and gloves by a purpose: 

By purpose, these boxing mitts and gloves are divided into the following types:

  1. Professional;
  2. Amateur;
  3. Training;
  4. Shells.

Beginners should buy two pairs: training – to work with a partner, and shell – for exercises with paws, pears, or bags. Amateur is designed for amateur show fights and is somewhat limited in terms of design and color. And for professional “armor,” the time will come when the first serious sports success will appear.

Which Boxing Mitts UK are better: 

Genuine leather Mitts or an artificial substitute?

Genuine leather boxing mitts options last longer and are more resistant to external influences, but their price is relatively high. With a limited budget, you can stop at faux leather mitts and gloves. The main thing is to make sure that they have ventilation holes and a lining of “breathable” textiles.

No matter what material the boxing mitts are made of, it is important to give preference to brands with a good image. Even leather accessories can cause inconvenience during training and quickly lose their performance.