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Boxing Gloves – Which one you should Buy?

You’re I search of boxing gloves of good quality for your training or professional purpose. But you got to suck up after searching for hours and still didn’t find the best one. This is because hundreds of brands are out there in the market available in different sizes, weight and made up of different kinds of material.

Then this 3-4 minute taking article is for you after going through this blog you’ll be able to buy suitable boxing gloves and gloves without getting exhausted and wasting your hours for looking up to them.

Choose the right size of your boxing gloves pair:

This is the most crucial step before going to purchase boxing gloves pair. Remember in mind that boxing gloves are available in ounce (oz).  The most common boxing gloves sizes are 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. The 10 oz gloves are the best for doing heavy workouts while the rest are used for sparring purposes.

You should measure your hand’s size and try to find out an exact size of your hand not too short or long. It should be perfectly fitted to your hand size; this will help you maximize your productivity level.

Many boxers, in the beginning, chose to wear loose and heavy weighted custom color boxing gloves which provides then extra protection but this thing will also decrease your maximum activity.

If you want to buy online and will not be able to try at first. Then there’s another technique to have the best piece according to your hand size and weight. Consider your dominant and wrap an inches tape around the whole hand, excluding the thumb. This way, you will find out the circumference of your hand.

Here’s a chart is given according to your body’s weight and size of the hand which will help you in the best way:


Weight of boxer         hand size (without wrap)         weight size

40-54 kg                           5.5”-6.5”                                                                     8 oz

54-68 kg                           6.5”7.5”                                                                      10 oz

68-84 kg                           7.5”-8.5”                                                                     12 oz

84+kg                                8.5”-9.5”                                                                     14 oz


The best boxing gloves for beginners

Most beginners get confused about choosing leather boxing gloves as they don’t have enough knowledge and more money to buy many types of gloves pairs. They only need  to have single boxing gloves pair for the training activity

Many of them go towards general/ordinary training gloves or latest boxing bag gloves. There’s a slight difference between them; it will depend on what kind of training you want to do.

  • All-purpose/training gloves:

It is easily understand by its name that they are made up for multi-functional purposes. These will be the best boxing gloves set for beginners, especially. They are used for different pieces of training such as sparring, kicking, bag work etc. Training wear are best for initial training.


  • Bag gloves:

It is another type of boxing hand protection designed for a specific purpose. Modern bag gloves are mostly recognized as best boxing kicking gloves set for heavy bag work training.

Before looking out for Kicking gloves, it’s necessary to think about the size, weight and material. At the initial level, start something less expensive, not too technical easy to use and then look up to more professional as you gain experience. Heavier boxing gloves are the best kicking gloves for training in the ring, while lighter hand wears are better if you’re competing in the round.

Other than these aspects, the best boxing professional gloves set should be more comfortable to wear with hand wraps and perfectly fit your hand, wrist, and fingers’ shape and size. The best pair of kicking gloves should never hurt you after hitting a powerful punch.

Are gloves with laces or Velcro?

Professional Glove set with laces is more considerable they are used by professional boxers only during matches. You can also wear them during training sessions if you want. But they are not comfortable to wear as you need extra time and another assistant or person to lace up your gloves/pad set.

So for beginners, it’s not easy to use them during their training sessions. Beginners should go up for gloves with Velcro more comfortable to use.

Go with leather or vinyl boxing gloves?

The most common materials used to make hand wear are vinyl and leather. Vinyl is considered as the cheaper, most common, and in range of the cost. They are usually best if you’re doing practice sessions in fitness, but they also have the disadvantage.

They are not durable will not last for a longer time are not comfortable in your hands. The hands will become sweaty after a specific time; this will reduce your activity.

In the other hand printed boxing gloves made up of leather are more comfortable to wear. They are durable will quickly get fit into your hands. These are considered professional gloves set as leather gloves are used by professional-level boxers and are of more cost.