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Table tennis is also known as ping pong; it is a game of two to four players who hit a lightweight ball. The ball is also known as ping pong ball. This game is played on a hard table divided into two parts between two teams. Table tennis equipment includes a tennis ball or a ping pong ball of white or orange colour, table tennis racket composed of a blade and two rubbers of two different colours, and table tennis table of length 2.74m, 0.76m in height, 1,525m in width.
We manufacture the products considering the quality, shape, and material as it’s the priority for our customers. We use a 16mm or 19mm of length to make it as it gives the ball nice bounce as they are more durable than the others. If you are a beginner, then definitely I would recommend you to buy our table as it gives proper bounce to the ball and is affordable as well as high in quality. A table tennis racket is approximately 6 inches long and 10 inches’ long. We assure that the table tennis rackets which are created at our company their blades are of at least 85% pure wood and are stiff and still enough to hit a ball properly.
We provide all three qualities of the ball, one-star and two-star tennis balls are less durable and are mostly used for practice people buy them in bulk a pack of 100 or 200, three-star balls are the best which are used in international matches by international players. The quality of the product is our priority. Without any hesitation, we can proudly say that we are the leading sellers of table tennis equipment UK.