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For boys, if they were asked to choose a sport, basketball would have the highest number of votes. Playing basket ball can also improve our physical fitness, just one basket-ball, you can play a smooth exercise, with the same intensity of other sports, the cost is lower, more “cheap.” Although playing basketball does not require too much basketball equipment, but the basic equipment is still needed, there are these basic equipment in order to protect ourselves in sports to avoid unnecessary damage to the body. So do you know what equipment you have when you play basketball? Let me introduce you to some basic equipment.

Basketball Uniforms

basketball uniforms. Now the fabric of clothing is becoming lighter and lighter, basketball jerseys also began to pay attention to the fabric thin but also durable, so that athletes have their own skin can be unobstructed breathing air, such fabrics made of the jersey can let athletes cool down quickly, not because too thick to cause sweating too much not easy to volatile, cover out the hazelnuts. The same clothes absorb sweat to be able to quickly volatile, so as not to “suck up” sweat, so that athletes bear meaningless weight.

Basket Ball Shorts

Basketball Uniform shorts. Basketball shorts can not be too loose, otherwise when playing basketball shorts slide, will let athletes from time to time to raise pants, can not be too tight, otherwise affect the running, but also serious friction of the skin. General basketball shorts are double-layered, one is better to absorb sweat, one is anti-scratch. The length of the shorts is about the knee, which gives the knee an extra layer of protection when it falls.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a sport that requires intense running and jumping, so the demand for shoes is high. A suitable basketball shoe should not be worn too tightly, so that it does not cause serious friction to the toes and heel. Can’t be too loose, too loose to fall off when you run. Generally we press the front of the shoe with our hands where our toes can’t reach, if the distance is about 0.5cm, it’s just right.

Hand and foot wrist protection

When we watch basketball games, we find that a lot of times players’ hands and feet will be covered with wrist guards, one is to protect, the other is to promote blood flow, this is experimentally proven, when a person’s blood vessels are squeezed by a certain amount of pressure will allow more oxygenated blood to flow to the moving parts, to provide more vitality.