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Boxing Gel Wraps

Modernization is a constant process in our daily lives now. With modern innovation, gel insulated wraps replaced the standard fabric wrap. These gel wraps provide level support, protection, and stability against an impact. It turns out to keep the bones and the wrist joint safe.

Gel Wraps Spec

In this category, we have the following:

  • Boxing Hand Wrap Bandage 250 cm
  • High-Quality Boxing bandages hand wraps
  • Unisex Boxing gel bandage Easy Elastic hand wraps

Boxing Hand Wrap Bandage 5 cm Width 250 cm:

Boxing Gel Wraps in UK provides excellent wrist support with a stable impact on the target. It is made out of cotton, the finest material for boxing! You can buy it in whichever color you want! You get to choose your design, size, and imprint the logo of your desire with a custom style.

High-Quality Boxing Hand Gel Wraps:

They continue their everyday work as all the others to safeguard, support, and stabilize the wrist joint: high-quality boxing gel wraps, another successor of cotton. You can buy it in whichever color you want. Different designs, styles, and logos can be customized, making it look more stunning. An option for custom style is also made available for our customers.

Unisex Boxing Elastic Gel Bandage:

As the name indicates, the best thing about this product is it’s unisex, adding up a high demand for it. Boxing elastic gel bandage offers efficient support and safety, preventing any fractures or sprains. On impact, it stabilizes the wrist at the right angle. Its elastic gel is age-made out of cotton and can be easily wrapped around the hand. All colors are available, and go for your favorite one! You can customize your design, style, and size just the way you want. Customized logos you seem to prefer can be easily imprinted.


We offer the best custom boxing gel wraps, which not only provide ultimate protection but are also comfortable to wear. Moreover, it’s within an affordable range. Designing, styling; all is done according to our customer’s choice. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gloves right away and get the best deals and discounts.