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Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves

Boxing Hand wraps inner gloves, also known as wrist wraps or Lumpur, were explicitly designed for combat sports to protect the hands, bones, knuckles, and wrists. It served its purpose, no doubt. It covers the wrists, palm, and thumb ensuring its safeguard.

Following this, a new substitute for hand wraps has reached the market, inner gloves. These are fingerless gloves keeping the hand stable for a practical impact during sparring or training bag work.

You’ve stumbled on the right page to get one of the best-selling boxing gloves in the United Kingdom!

Hnads Wrap Classification

Hand wraps fall into a bunch of classification These include:

  • Protector Boxing hand wraps
  • Boxing hand wraps 255cm
  • Punching hand wraps
  • Weightlifting Wraps
  • Quick Wraps

Protector Boxing hand wraps

Protector Boxing hand wraps are renowned for providing the best shield and defense to refrain from any harm. The lightweight elastic wrap is fabricated with nylon, including customized logos, designs, and sizes. It comes in various colors at an affordable price of 3£ in the UK.

Boxing hand wraps 255cm.

Gloves for a better grip; made from artificial as well as genuine leather! It provides the best support and patterned to protect the bones and the skin while striking. Customized logos, designs, and sizes in all colors are at hand at a reasonable price of 7£ in the UK.

Punching hand wraps

It is one of the most stretchable products designed for punching! It has an addition of pads on its knuckles to prevent any damage. The elastic wraps are made of high-quality cotton, are lightweight, with a wide range of colors accessible: customized designs, logos, and sizes. With a neat custom style, the products stand for 12£ in the UK.

Weightlifting Wraps

Weightlifting wraps are fashioned with a firm grip, binding the knuckles and providing a stable wrist posture. This high-demand wrap is a combined product of polyester and cotton. Great colors, custom style, and customized sizes, logos, and designs ready for use. It finals at 9£ in the UK at our best prices.

Quick Wraps

Another piece of stretchable gloves; best guarded against heavy impacts! This cotton assembled product, stitched inside, is available in vast colors. Easy for our customers to get the wraps customized in any design, logo, or size. An option for custom style with a reasonable price of 8£ in the UK makes it even more reliable.