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Rash Guards

Based on the name, rash guard is necessary to protect the athlete’s skin. Almost no activity takes place without close contact with sports paraphernalia or partner. This leads to the fact that the body, one way or Another, gets different bacteria and microorganisms that can cause rashes and allergic reactions. Especially when you consider that high physical activity increases the body temperature, improves blood circulation, and increases the body’s susceptibility to external influences. The task of special clothing is to protect the skin from damage as much as possible.

Also, custom logo Rash guard creates a certain microclimate for the body. On the one hand, it perfectly keeps warm and does not allow muscles to cool during training. This has a good effect on the force, allows you to protect yourself from sprains. Also, the clothes perfectly absorb excess moisture and breathe. Thus, the body remains dry. This quality allows you to feel comfortable with the athlete and his partner.

Rash Guard Made by: 

Advantages of Rash guard MMA, it is necessary to determine the basic characteristics of the materials used for its manufacture.

  • Spandex;
  • Nylon;
  • Lycra;
  • Fiber made of bamboo.