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MMA Groin Guards

The MMA groin guards equipment are presented in the form of a unique plastic sink designed to protect the groin area from injury.
The designs of the product may differ from each other. There are four types: a separate shell with straps for fastening or rubber bands, bandages, protective shorts with an already built-in sink, a boxing belt with a tread in the groin area.

MMA Groin Guard Material

Best materials the shells with such padding turn out to be practical, convenient, and comfortable. They are quite soft but nevertheless have a good weight to handle easily. The material has good depreciation properties – it partially absorbs the force of impact and protects the limbs from injury. Over time, the skin pruning does not go astray, and they are not subject to rotting or fungus. Besides, the groin guard material does not harm the boxing bag.

Skin trimmings for a groin guards are often used in conjunction this combination is one of the most optimal. Many manufacturers Exim Fast use just such padding that deserves even more popularity because the resulting shells are durable and excellent functionality.

Very impractical material. It is, of course, the MMA groin guard cheapest but quickly strays. Sand gives a good weight, but after a while, the projectile becomes like a stone, with which it isn’t easy to work. And if possible, over time, there may be a habit of “holding” the blow. Also, groin can be poured from the seams of a homemade pear or groin guards MMA boxing or bag.