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MMA Gloves

MMA gloves (for mixed martial arts, also called shin guards) have spoiled the “holiday” of participants and spectators of fights without rules. Now worrying about athletes’ health, introduced a precautionary measure, fighters force to use this remedy not to turn the face of the enemy into mince.

Mixed Martial Arts Gloves Hitting Capacity

Some fighters use them for easy imitation of combat, practicing wrestling techniques and movements.

Grappling Gloves with a small shock surface area perfectly protect the fighter’s brush, absolutely “not worrying” about the opponent’s appearance. Without dodging the impact, it is easy to get bruises, dissections, and a broken nose.

Some models provide additional protection of the middle of fingers to avoid bruises and wounds when the fist misjudged when hit.

MMA Glove Fixing Hand Accordingly

All MMA grappling gloves are fixed on the wrist with Velcro. Depending on the model and quality of the product, the fixers are:

Often the lining is made from absorbent materials. These shin guards absorb sweat well and fit the hand. Some professional model manufacturers process antibacterial impregnation pandemic accordingly, absorbing odors. MMA Gloves for sparring, training do not exude the smell even after long workouts. And the hand in them sweat less.