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Boxing Focus Pads

Boxing Focus Pads suitable for boxing training and practical use. Focus Pads of leather adhesive type, the cheapest price very comfortable hands, personal feeling no less than Everlast power lock model. Best for all boxing kicking sets, deserve comfort hitting capacity.

Boxing Pads is generally used as a training suit as the name implies for cadets to practice when trying. Because it is used as a pair of drills to protect both hand sides from harm. Boxing Pads for focusing kick and punches is used as punching sandbags, come in two broad categories: those for very thin practice speeds and those for more formal, ultra-quality sets. Because hitting heavy on Pads requires a lot of strength so the boxer is very easy to get hurt, this kind of boxing sets pay more attention to the protection of the wrist the cushion is also relatively faceable.

Let’s take a look at collection of Focus Pads which is designed not only for Muay Thai, but also for boxing and MMA. More attention is the seven air-conductive holes in his palm lever. And the large nylon straps that lock your forearms and wrists as you carry them. Hand protection with pad is what’s outstanding