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Need Protection while Boxing?

Boxing is combat between two fighters to determine strength, endurance, and stamina by a knock-out. Due to its rapid influence, the sport reached worldwide within a short period. It’s complete entertainment in and out, for the crowd and even for the entertainers. But, moving forward, the need for the safety of boxers became a deal of great importance. This led to the introduction of protective pads.

Protect yourself with Protective Boxing Pads

Protective boxing pads, designed to protect, safeguard and shield the boxer from any harm, fracture, sprain, or concussion. The pads are stuffed, made of cotton, polyester, or polypropylene to cushion, support, and mobilize the joints.

We, the Eximfast, keeping in mind the safety of our customers, manufacture these protective pads with the best material to serve the causes. Custom sing designs, sizes, and logos are all accessible for our customers; you only need to put out your details and leave the rest to us!

Boxing Body Pads Categories

Boxing Body Pads include:

  • Protective Knee Pads
  • Rectangle Protective Guard
  • Gel Construction Protective Pads
  • Turtle Protective Guard
  • Genuine leather made Shin Pads
  • Single Protective Gel Pads
Protective Boxing Knee Pads

Sports such as kickboxing include constant fighting making the joints and bones more prone to damage. Protective boxing knee pads are designed to shield against any fracture or sprain with proper support with a tight and firm grip. The pads we provide are manufactured by polyester fabric, the finest materials. Moreover, adequate EVA foaming increases safety to another level. Customized designs, sizes, and logos with abundant colors are all at hand. Custom style knee pads available at an affordable price of 12£ in the UK.

Rectangle Protective Guard

Not just the knees, protective shin guards provide elbow protection as well. We make them lightweight and quite flexible for proper movements and rotations. It is made from polypropylene, a strong material that adds porous nature to its texture. Its characteristic resists any impairment to the shin guards. It circles around the elbows and knees densely. You can get it customized with the design size of your preference. Make it custom with numerous colors with a stunning logo imprint. Order it now to get the set at a discounted price of 80£ in the UK.

Gel Knuckle Pads for Boxing

Our gel knuckle pads for boxing have a solid selling point. We designed them with the addition of gel formula, which reflects a shock-absorbing phenomenon. They are highly capable of endurance and provide an excellent defense with a compact grip. This product is a successor of polyester fabric, a key material for better pad protection—an option for custom style available for our customers along with the customized designs, sizes, and logos. We provide the product with many colors at a reasonable price of 12£ in the UK.

Turtle Protective Guard

One of our best products; the turtle protective guard! The product comes with many positive points. It provides quality elbow and knee protection due to its porous nature. They are made of polypropylene to resist any impairment. It prevents moisture, being lightweight allows free movements and a firm grip front and back. Access it in any color you prefer with the best custom style. Customizations are easily approachable to our customers. Get your designs, sizes, and logos only at 16£ in the UK.

Genuine leather-made Shin Guards or Pads.

We try our best to give out all the possible products our customers may need. We designed shin pads for the protection of the shin and feet—a product compiled with cotton and polyester. Shin Guards made of genuine leather provide great footwork without restricting movements. Its design keeps the shin guards firm and fit. This lightweight product comes in numerous colors. Rush to get your product with the best custom style along with customized logos and sizes at a discounted price of 58£ in the UK.

Single Protective Gel Pads

Single protective gel pads, as the name indicates, are also provided with a gel formula for shock-absorbing ability. The product is best to prevent any damage from falls or hits to the ground. The gadget fabricated with polyester and EVA foaming makes it even more comfortable for movements—tights around the knees for cushion purposes. Get your best devices customized right now. Provide your sizes, designs you a favor, and the logos you like. It comes at a presenting price of 20£ in the UK with custom style.


We, the Eximfast, try our level best to make it up to our customers. Keeping the perspective of our customers in mind, we tend to use the best materials for our products to be manufactured. We work; your customs are the rules. Get your customized designs with the best looks, sizes that give you a proper and firm grip, and logos that help make your character symbolic. Get it all at the best prices only at Eximfast!

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