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Wrestling Masks Collection

A wrestling gear, including a wrestling mask, is a complete wrestling outfit that wrestlers wear as part of their in-ring persona or gimmick. It includes wrestling boots, pants, tights, kick pads, kneepads, elbow pads, shirts, trunks, etc. Wrestling masks are just simple masks with the primary colors that help to distinguish the wrestler. An adequately fitted head and body gear are mandatory before checking in for any competition. Luckily, if you’re a wrestler and are looking for a suitable wrestling masks collection, Eximfast has the best to offer!

We provide the best quality Wrestling gear and masks for our customers, and undoubtedly, you’ve landed on the #1 wrestling mask and gear store!

Top Rated Wrestling Masks:

Here’s what we have to provide:

  • Pro-Fit Wrestling Costume
  • High-Quality Custom Wrestling Mask
  • Lucha Libre Mexican Face Mask
  • Microfiber Lucha Wrestling Mask
  • Multi-colored Wrestling gear

Pro-Fit Wrestling Costume

Are you looking for a complete wrestling costume? Well, this is just the product you want! Originated from Pakistan, it comes with your very own customized design, style and size and is one of the most sold costumes in the UK.  Its material is Spandex/lycra, and it offers minimal compression, some support, and good flexibility.  Grab yours at a reasonable price of 7€

High-Quality Custom Wrestling Mask

A high-quality custom wrestling mask, perfect for an original costume! It is made out of high elastic laces, making it a durable and easy-to-use item. To put the icing on the cake, it is available in all colors! Order yours now to get your customized style, size, design, and even logo!

Lucha Libre Mexican Face Mask

Handmade Wrestling Masks in Mexico by the worldwide prestige Deportes Martinez, one of the best and original Lucha libre products manufacturer since 1933. Today Deportes Martinez products are sold worldwide in both small and large arenas.

It is made of elastic material and is available in all colors! Designing and styling are customized.  Order yours now to get special discounts on it as well.

Microfiber Lucha Wrestling Mask.

Another Wrestling Mask Lucha Mask made from microfiber. It is accessible in all colors. Designing, styling, and logo are customized according to our customer’s desire.

Multi-colored Wrestling Mask

Are you trying to go for a trendy look? Well, why not try the multi-colored wrestling mask, which makes all eyes look at you? A perfect piece of microfiber art available in different colors. Get your style, design, and logo customized!